Dress to impress this wedding season, with the unbeatable combination of Ajrak and velvet blouses

The season of fun and frolic is upon us, bringing with them festivities and celebrations. And so, what better time to introduce ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, our homage to the timelessness of Ajrak and the richness of velvet. To design this blouse collection, we’ve worked closely with our artisans to create naturally-dyed and block-printed velvet blouses that can dress up all your festive looks.

Teri haafiza


Ajrak is a craft whose origins can be traced to the ancient Mohenjo-daro civilization. It has since been practised in the Sindh and Kutch regions, as well as in parts of Rajasthan. Each Ajrak creation is the culmination of sixteen tedious steps, which are stringent measures taken to ensure that there is no compromise in the vibrancy of the colours and precision in the print patterns on both sides of the cloth. It is commonly said amongst artisans that the word Ajrakh (Aaaj- Rakh) means to ‘keep for a day’ and that the longer the time dedicated to the piece, the finer its quality. 

A part of what makes this craft so unique is that instead of the patterns being directly printed on the cloth, Ajrak uses the resist-dye method to achieve geometrical vibrant patterns. Resist printing is a technique where different prints are applied to the same fabric but with resisting dyes; these dyes prevent overlap. Hence, each dyed block pattern is exclusively absorbed in the desired areas only. 

Koi fariyad


Artisans specialising in Ajrak draw inspiration from the elements of nature and all things beautiful around them, shaping these into intricate motifs on wooden blocks. The hues traditionally used are red, black, green and blue, which bring out the true beauty of Ajrak designs.

At Suta, our every endeavour is centred on our formative vision of uplifting artisans and upholding age-old crafts. When we decided to work with Ajrak, we realised that true justice to this regal craft can only be done with a material that matches its grandeur, such as velvet. And thus, we brought an entirely unique new product to the market with our collection of Ajrak-printed velvet blouses that fuse heritage with show-stopping elegance. 

Yeh teergi


Carefully block printed using natural dyes, these blouses are wearable pieces of art and can be further dressed up with your choice of saree or lehenga to create stunning looks for weddings and special occasions. With their simple silhouettes and vibrant colours, the blouses will make you the centre of attention wherever you go. Even better, they are padded for additional comfort and ease. 

Play with textures and dress up the blouse with a statement silk piece or even a lustrous tissue saree for wedding looks. You can easily mix and match them with a lehenga for sangeet nights. Or, if you’re looking for understated elegance, pair these (as we have) with our chumki-embellished mul cotton sarees. The options are endless, and the blouses timeless.