Welcome to Fibre World.

Fibre World - As the name suggest it’s a world of creativity which starts from the basic unit fibre which in turn gives birth to yarn, yarn to weave and weave to fabric and fabric leadss to fashion.

Fibre World’s fashion is for every women.weather you are tall, short, slim, fat, fair or dusky – embrace your beauty in our products because they make you feel most comfortable as if you are wearing your own skin. Fibre World products are a beautiful mix of comtemporary concepts with traditional art and culture. In our products we pay special attention to exclusive creative ideas and we very firmly follow international quality standards.

Brand Fibre World creates its products based on international fashion forecasts and is always ahead in fashion. We offer a wide range of high fashion and sensuous product line to our customers. Our forte is developing new and unique interesting prints which are a style statement in itself. Not only this we love to create heavy to light hand embroideried products for your special occasions too.

Our products line includes delicate dresses, jumpsuits, coord sets, flowy gowns, breezy kaftans and many more. We are using the finest of fabrics such as silk , silk blends,linens,pure cottons and sustainable fabrics for making our products. Once you wear our products, you will instantly feel the love and affection we have put in making these.

Know your Designer


Pallavi Kaushik is the founder and designer of brand fibre world. As she always had a creative side in her and a strong urge to be an enterprenuer, She was magnetically driven towards the fashion world after completion of graduation from science stream.Hence she did her garment business administration course from Delhi IIFT.

After this she has worked as a designer for major International brands like – Chicos, Next, Debenhams, Abercrombie, Ralhph Lauren, Urban Outfitters and the list is long.
In the year 2016 she has launched her own Label Fibre World which has been fairly loved by the Indian and International buyers.

Her love and passion for designing new products continues to grow with each passing season and promises to create much more interesting products for the brand lovers.